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Peasant women lead 100,000-strong march in Brasília

Latin America’s largest demonstration organized by female rural workers, Daisies’ March energizes people’s struggle

Maria Anecy Martins arrived in Brasília this week with glowing eyes to join the 2019 Daisies’ March. The 45-year-old small farmer is one of the 100,000 peasant women who joined the 2-day event that ended with a massive rally that took over the streets of Brazil’s capital.

Former Odebrecht director claims he was “virtually coerced” to incriminate Lula

Plea-bargaining executive told court that Car Wash prosecutors wanted him to “produce an account” about Atibaia case

A plea-bargaining executive who testified against former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in 2018 told a São Paulo court earlier this month that he was “virtually coerced” by Car Wash prosecutors to “produce an account” to incriminate the Workers’ Party leader.

Mass protests close out General Strike against Bolsonaro's pension reforms

Strikers made stoppages in public transportation, blocked roads and organized street demonstrations in 380 cities

The streets answered with a resounding “no” to Jair Bolsonaro’s proposition of pension reform, to his intentions of restraining rights, and to the continuity of attacks against the people that have been happening since Michel Temer’s coup d’etat in 2016.