CPI on the MST: The Attempt to Criminalize the MST

The Ruralist elite of the Brazilian Congress that represents tlhe big landowners and argi-business, has launched a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) on the MST. This is a blatant attempt by representatives of criminals that destroy the environment, conduct production with semi-slave labor and create violence in the countryside to criminalize the MST. This section brings a series of articles on the CPI and the resistance to it. The MST has launched the campaign "I Stand With the MST." Click on the image above or in the side panel on this page to access and sign the letter of support and solidarity.

Commission of Inquiry on MST aims to divert focus from crimes of agribusiness, says João Pedro Stedile


MST's CPI is an attack on Brazilian democracy, say jurists


CPI leverages disinformation and discourse of criminalization against MST on social networks


Lula's government is "very slow" and "fearful," says Stedile, MST leader


CPI of the MST: context and diagnosis of the Brazilian agrarian situation



Other articles on the CPI:

Official note from the MST on calling João Pedro Stedile to the MST CPI

MST CPI will discuss law that Tarcísio uses to benefit large landowners

Xico Graziano made selective and distorted use of academic articles in the CPI on the MST