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#Somos70porcento Movement Awakens the Majority's Force to Oust Bolsonaro

Campaign led by economist Eduardo Moreira spreads online, increasing mobilization against the government

In the last three days, demonstrations in defense of democracy and against Jair Bolsonaro's administration have intensified. Protests occupied the Internet, as well as the streets, criticizing the far-right president’s leadership - especially during the COVID-19 pandemic - and threats to the country's democratic institutions.

Emergency Plan for People’s Agrarian Reform: for work, food, housing and dignified life

In an exclusive interview, Kelli Mafort, from the national coordination of the MST, talks about the National Plan to be launched this Friday (June 5)

The Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) launched on Friday (June 5) the Emergency Plan for People’s Agrarian Reform, taking into account the consequences caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus.