Violent evictions in northern Bahia, resulting in the shooting of landless workers

Evictions occur simultaneously in the following MST settlements:  Abril Vermelho, Dorothy, and Irany.

At dawn on Monday (25), approximately 700 landless families from the settlements of Abril Vermelho, Dorothy, and Irany (in the cities of Casa Nova and Juazeiro) have been violently evicted by men from the Federal Police, Military Police, and armed militias in the region.

MST Encampment along the Paraopeba River feels the effect of the dam collapse

The clear waters of the Paraopeba River in São Joaquim de Bicas (MG), metropolitan area of Belo Horizonte (MG), were filled with mud and changed their color. What once was crystalline now has texture and coloring similar to an oil paint: dense, viscous, brownish. The desolate scenery is aggravated by the odor of decaying fish.