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Amid fake news scandals, Jair Bolsonaro is elected president of Brazil

With nearly 95 percent of votes counted, Jair Bolsonaro, of the Social Liberal Party (PSL), was elected president of Brazil after a highly polarized election. The inauguration will take place on Jan. 1 in Brasília.

The far-right politician defeated the Workers’ Party (PT) presidential hopeful, Fernando Haddad, with a campaign based on hate speech and fake news spread over WhatsApp, a highly popular messaging app in Brazil.

MST’s João Pedro Stedile: “We have to go back to doing grassroots work”

Landless workers’ leader spoke with Brasil de Fato on the next steps for the left after Jair Bolsonaro’s victory

"We leave this process with closer ties and organized capacity and strength to resist this professed fascist offensive," said João Pedro Stedile, from the national coordination of the Landless Workers' Movement (MST) about the result of Brazil's 2018 presidential elections.