MST and Working Class Unity

Literacy and Agroecology Campaign: solidarity and hope among African peoples

The MST Internationalist Brigade Samora Machel in Zambia has been active in Africa since 2008, on the fronts of education, agroecology and women's organization

The MST Internationalist Brigade Samora Machel, located in Zambia, has been active in Africa since 2008. To bring solidarity to the peoples of the mother continent, the Brigade has worked on three central axes: education, agroecology and women's organization.

MST pays tribute to Pedro Casaldáliga on the 93rd anniversary of his birth

Landless workers of the MST celebrate his birth by continuing their legacy of humility and rebellion

This Tuesday (February 16th), the “bishop of the people” of the Prelature of São Félix do Araguaia in Mato Grosso, Dom Pedro Casaldáliga, would have turned 93 years old. The landless workers of the MST celebrate his birth by continuing his legacy of humility and rebellion.

Bolsonaro's attack on the elderly includes pensions, cuts in the BPC and breaking of the quarantine

Expansion of emergency basic income for poor elderly was approved by the Senate, but vetoed by the president

It is not new, with the COVID-19 pandemic, that the living conditions of the elderly and retirees have been worsening in Brazil. During the government of Jair Bolsonaro (without a party), the country has been witnessing measures such as the pension reform, approved by the National Congress in October 2019.

Oil workers go on indefinite strike against mass layoffs and dismantling of Petrobras

State-run company is selling 8 refineries, thousands of miles of pipelines, and fuel distributors

Workers at the Brazilian oil company Petrobras will go on an indefinite nationwide strike starting Saturday (February 1) at midnight, the Unified Federation of Oil Workers (FUP) and its 13 unions informed the state-run oil giant’s management.