Brazilian Government

MST occupies farm and gains settlement in São Borja [3-21-11]

Four hundred landless families occupied, early on Monday (March 21), the Fazenda Palermo, in the city of São Borja, Rio Grande do Sul. The landless require that the state government finalize the expropriation of the area to settle 54 camped families. They also demand that the federal and state governments immediately settle all of the thousand landless families camped in the state.

MST demands killers of rural workers be punished

The MST is demanding justice and is calling for the killers of farmers Vanderlei das Neves and José Alves dos Santos to be punished. Both were brutally murdered in ambush on the farm Pinhal Ralo, 16 January 1997, in the city of Rio Bonito do Iguaçu (PR).

“The MST regards the case as one among many which, in more than a decade, have left 19 rural workers dead in Paraná. They are political crimes, committed by the latifúndios [large landed estates] and agribusiness,” reads a release from the Movement.

Below is the release from the MST of Paraná.