Agrarian Reform

Governor Zema lies on Twitter and police advance on Quilombo Campo Grande

On Thursday morning, August 13, tractors brought down the structure of the Eduardo Galeano Popular School

At the moment, about 200 men from five different battalions are at the Quilombo Campo Grande encampment to carry out the eviction order. The MST has filed a request at the (STJ) Superior Court of Justice to reverse the illegal eviction order and is calling for mobilizations on all social networks with #ZemaCovarde.

Stop the Eviction of Quilombo Campo Grande!

A little over a year ago, the MST asked for international solidarity to stop the eviction of 450 families from the MST settlement in the state of Minas Gerais. Because of the large outpouring of support and solidarity, the order of eviction was suspended in July 2019. Now, a new order of eviction has been issued with an eviction date of August 12. Information on the Quilombo Campo Grande settlement is below.