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Message About Death Threat Against João Pedro Stédile

Message to the Brazilian peopleStedile Wanted Poster

A “Stedile, dead or alive” ad has been circulated on social media. Presenting him as leader of the MST and "enemy of the Fatherland", the author offers a reward of R$10,000 for those who can fulfill this request. In other words, the ad is encouraging and promising to pay to kill a person, in this case João Pedro Stedile of the national coordination of the MST.

There are indications that this criminal action originated from the personal Facebook account of Paulo Mendonça, a municipal guard from Macaé (RJ). And it was immediately reproduced by most of the social networks that on a daily basis spew hatred of the people's movements, migrants, the Workers Party and now, especially against President Dilma Rousseff. They are the same social networks for the most part who are organizing for protests on March 15 to demand that Dilma,  legitimately elected in 2014, step down from the office of President of the Republic.

The authorities have been contacted so that the author of the ad and all those who are posting it can be investigated and brought to justice, since they are guilty of incitement to murder.

But the posting is only a reflection of the sectors of the Brazilian elite who are willing to promote a wave of violence and hatred in order to destabilize the government and take back the power that they lost with the PT's electoral victory in 2002.

"The Big Challenge is to Continue Struggling for Structural Reforms" Says MST Leader

By Iris PachecoAlexandre Conceição

In an interview with the MST web site, Alexandre Conceição, from the MST national coordination, says that the role of social activism in this election was instrumental in the re-election of President Dilma Rousseff (PT), and states that "social movements have the big challenge of continuing to struggle for structural reforms in Brazil. "

Three thousand MST families occupy the Santa Monica farm belonging to Senator Eunício Oliveira

goiasOn Sunday morning August 31, more than three thousand landless families occupied the Santa Monica Fazenda, located between the municipalities of Alexânia, Abadiânia and Corumba (GO). The farm, registered in the name of Senator Eunício Oliveira (PMDB-EC), is a complex of more than 20,000 hectares, self-declared as unproductive.

MST denounces police action in Rio de Janeiro

On Monday July 14 the MST published a letter about the police repression of a protest that was carried out before the final World Cup game in Rio de Janeiro. Hundred of demonstrators were surrounded in the Saens Peña Plaza and could only leave after the end of the game.

Tear gas and rubber bullets were launched indiscriminately and even the wounded were prevented from leaving the area. The police had illegally arrested around 20 people on the previous day.

Here is the letter: