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URGENT ACTION: Letters to Brazil’s Embassy

If you cannot join us at these locations, please send letters to the Brazilian Embassy in DC to express your concern. A sample letter can be found below. Portugues esta em baixo.

Please mail letters to written to President Lula to the attention of Ambassador Roberto Abdenur in DC at:...

For Immediate Release (*portugues esta em baixo*)
21 April 2005

Contact: Dawn Plummer at

March and Vigils in Solidarity with Brazil’s Landless Peasants
for Land Reform, Human Rights & the...

MST UPDATE # 89 "Special Edition"

Dear Friends of the MST,

On May 2, 12,000 men and women workers left the city of Goiânia headed to Brasília so that together they can march, protest and call society’s attention to the serious situation of poverty and inequality in the countryside. Coming from 23 states, these men, women, and...

Dear Friends,

We would like to let you know about yet another victory of solidarity between Brazilians and the peoples of the world: the inauguration of the Florestan Fernandes National School (ENFF), on January 23, 2005. Built in Guararema (60 km/36 miles from São Paulo) by 1,115 rural landless workers, the School is the valuable fruit...

January 6, 2005

MST Update #81: Results of Agrarian Reform in 2004: Expropriations Don’t Pay Attention to Settlement Goals

MST News Briefs:
-3 Landless Killed in Pernambuco
- Brazilian Army and MST Build WSF City
-INCRA Receives Permission to Expropriate Fazenda de Barra in SP

Dear friends of the MST...