Evictions in Para / Letter from Via Campesina

Dear Friends,

At this time, the social movements in the field in the state of Pará are facing another round of massive evictions because of an alliance between the state governor, the Judiciary of Pará and the large estate owners who are trying to destabilize the encampments and the settlements and thus prevent land reform from being carried out.

We ask for your solidarity at this time. We suggest that you apply pressure by contacting the authorities listed below, requesting an immediate halt to the process of restoration of ownership and ask the governor to immediately withdraw the police battalion that is spreading terror throughout the region.

We hope that we can count on all of you to confront once again the criminal Government of Pará. We are including below a letter from Via Campesina about the current situation with the evictions.

Sr. SIMÃO JATENE, Cabinet of the State Government, Pará
E-mail: redacao@agenciapara.com.br

Dr. JOSÉ CARLOS LIMA DA COSTA , Casa Civil do Governo do Estado do Pará Rodovia Augusto Montenegro, Km 09 – Cep: 66823-010 - Belém - Pará
Tel: (91) 3214-5500/5572/5554 , Fax: (91) 3248-1575

Dr. MANOEL SANTINO NASCIMENTO JÚNIOR. Special Secretary for Social Defense
E-mail: sedes@prodepa.gov.br

Dr. L