Take Action - Demand Zero Evictions in Brazil!

Thursday, March 17, 2022

On March 31, the moratorium on evictions put in place during the pandemic will expire in Brazil. The Landless Workers Movement (MST) has identified 200 encampments and pre-settlement areas that are subject to eviction orders. Quilombolas, Indigenous areas and scores of urban tenants also face eviction. The Bolsonaro government and its rightwing allies are preparing to use both governmental forces and private militias to carry out evictions. The lives and wellbeing of more than 150,000 families, including 20,000 children, are at stake.


During the Covid pandemic, the MST has played a vital role in averting hunger by delivering over 6,000 metric tons of food from its settlements. The MST settlements under threat are sources of housing, food, biodiversity, and much more.

We don’t have the resources of the rural elites and their partners in finance capital who the MST are up against. But we have an even greater power — our unity and solidarity in struggle. Over the pandemic, international pressure has been key in reversing certain evictions — like when we joined together to beat back the eviction of the Luiz Beltrame de Castro settlement.

Grassroots International, Friends of the MST, and other international allies are joining the MST to fight for zero evictions. Be part of the movement by taking action today.

Send a message to the Brazilian Supreme Court to demand the extension of the eviction moratorium: http://grassrootsonline.org/no-evictions

Please send this link and message out to your list serves and allies. Let’s send a message that the international community is demanding action.