PRESS RELEASE: FMST Mobilizes Across the US

For Immediate Release (*portugues esta em baixo*)
21 April 2005

Contact: Dawn Plummer at

March and Vigils in Solidarity with Brazil’s Landless Peasants
for Land Reform, Human Rights & the Environment

New York, NY – On April 22, demonstrations at Brazilian consulates around the country, spearheaded by a march from American University in Washington DC, will underscore human rights abuses and rampant environmental destruction in Brazil's countryside while highlighting the need for true land reform.

Organized by the Friends of the MST, the demonstrations will support a mass march in Brazil by Landless Workers Movement, or MST, the largest social movement in the Americas.

A host of environmental, human rights, development non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions will take part in the demonstrations and they will be held simultaneously in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco where each consulate will be presented a letter supporting the MST.

The Brazilian MST march, to start May 1, will involve ten thousand MST members and set out from the city of Goiânia and arrive in Brazília, the capital of Brazil, May 17, a distance of over 200 miles.

The MST are demanding President Luís Inácio “Lula