João Pedro Stédile, from the MST, wants structural changes in 2024

Monday, January 1, 2024
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By João Pedro Stédile | ICL Notícias | Original URL:

For the MST leader, "we need to create conditions for synergy between the organized sectors of society"

The world and Brazil are experiencing serious crises, such as the structural crisis of capitalism, the environmental crisis and the crisis of the bankruptcy of states that are unable to solve the problems of the majority.

Capitalism is in crisis because it only generates more and more inequality, enriches billionaires and keeps the majority of the population in poverty. In Brazil, 93 million people are registered with CADÚnico, to receive some benefit from the government.

The environmental crisis, caused by the aggression of capitalists, causes climate change and tragedies that affect the majority of the population.

This all affects all of humanity and especially the poorest, women and children.

What to expect, then, from 2024?

Not only do I hope, but we must fight for structural changes. This means that we need to create conditions for synergy between the organized sectors of society, popular movements and progressive sectors of the government, to press for the implementation of economic and social programs that can initiate a process of change.

Brazil urgently needs a reindustrialization plan. The only way to produce necessary goods for the population, generate work, employment and income for the millions of discouraged people. Just as we need to prioritize the production of healthy food through family farming, carrying out agrarian reform and policies to encourage agroecology.

We need broad policies that massify the application of agroecology on a large scale, with factories producing organic fertilizers, biological pesticides and agricultural machinery for peasants.

We need a broad reforestation program to cultivate millions of hectares of fruit and native trees in degraded areas, along roads, in cities and everywhere.

We need the government to put a lot of resources into the food advance purchase program (PAA) and to reformulate the school lunch program, forcing mayors to buy all meals from family farms in their own municipalities.

This is not just a dream and hope, it is a plan for us to encourage our people to organize and fight for themselves

A good 2024 to all Brazilian people!

And to the entire ICL team