Drawing During the Quarantine: another MST action during the fight against the coronavirus

Thursday, April 23, 2020
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MST web site


Faced with the pandemic of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), the ways of carrying out the struggle take new forms.

In the Landless Movement, in addition to solidarity and information campaigns, support and protection for the most in need populations, art and culture also have an important role to help us through this period, when many people are in social isolation.

In this context, several actions focused on the field of art have been thought of. One of them is the “Drawing During the Quarantine” campaign.

The action has the challenge of uniting the thoughts and creativity of landless workers to weave hope and fight for the future of humanity.

The settler Anderson Augusto, who is a visual artist, member of the culture collective of the MST in Minas Gerais and one of the creators of the project, explains that the idea was born from a coordination of international popular artists.

drawing2"Drawing During the Quarantine is a project that was inspired by the International Meeting of Artists, which took place in Mexico in February 2020. In this meeting an anti-imperialist coalition of global artists was proposed. Here in Brazil, this proposal was welcomed and as we entered this specific context of the pandemic of the new coronavirus the theme was taken up", he says.

By drawing, we can express experiences of social participation through art. It is also proven that when drawing, one uses the right hemisphere of the brain, considered an emotional region and that leads to creative and intuitive reasoning. Therefore, in addition to "de-stressing", the activity also helps to develop skills such as creativity, emotion and perception.

People from all over the country have participated. The campaign does not analyze the aesthetic commitment of the drawings, as long as they are within the proposed theme.

The idea is to unite the features and colors of Brazil Without Land and, through art and drawings, encourage the workers of the countryside to envision a better and more colorful future.

In Anderson's words, the proposal is a way to unite the thoughts of countrymen, our creativity and weave hope. " Throughout the history of humanity, art has always had the role of reaching our feelings and welcoming our sensitivity, now it will be no different," he concludes.

To participate or follow the work already done, just post your drawing within the theme on Instagram and tag the MST @movimentosemterra.