From the days of March

Monday, March 13, 2023
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By Kevin Nicolas | From the MST Page | Edited by Solange Engelmann | Translated by the Friends of the MST (US) | Original URL:

Check out the chronicle about the organization and affections of the Sem Terra women, who together spread the aromas of another March of rebellion and hope throughout the country

Landless Women organized themselves at the Genivaldo Alves camp during the National Struggle Day of Landless Women, in Itajuípe/BA. Photo: MST Communication

After sharing a hearty breakfast, the circle is forming, some shy companions, others smiling frankly, the looks translated the hot nights and cold days, who sing, march and write rebellious poetry.

They all get up, do exercises called “theatre games”. The space is taken by laughter, timidity is shy, and everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, exudes such joy from being together.

Presentation done! One of the oldest members of the circle takes the floor, and subtly describes the oppression and violence suffered, which by the way does not scare the others, on the contrary, arouses fury and makes them follow in the stubbornness of not going back.

After the first, the others raise their hands and ask for a word, which in whispers and trembling lips, speak of the rapes, the expulsions, the kicks and tiptoes.

Born from the same pain as being a woman, they decide hand in hand not to succumb!

MST women joined social movements and entities in a public act of the 8M in Recife/PE. Photo: Bianka Eduarda and Rebeca Martins

Some noticed the arrival of some men and decided to take a break, not because they didn't say anything, but because they understood that the exercise was one of CONSPIRACY.

The men leave and they follow:







These were the words that in so many mouths allow us to continue.

Encamped and settled, they share the desire of the land, to give birth to the future, germinate the new, dream of freedom, organize the ranks and shout to the four corners, that for every barbed wire fence, there will be a burning bonfire, calico handkerchiefs and flags at the ready.

Thousands of women marched to the Palácio do Buriti, seat of the Government of the Federal District, to demand policies to combat violence against women. Photo: Camila Araújo

Now as a group, they bathe and fraternize, because it is in women that I place my faith!