Campaign for the Annulment of Lula's Trials

Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Movimento Sem Terra






Dear Comrades and Friends of MST:

The MST requests an URGENT ACTION from all of you, who fight for a democratic and free world.

You must be following the revelations of The Intercept, which prove the legal farce against former President Lula, even with guidance from the Department of Justice of the United States. See the link to the Friends of the MST page on the Intercept expose.

The freedom of President Lula will not be achieved by the Brazilian judiciary, committed to the interests of the right.

The only way to conquer his freedom will be with the mobilized Brazilian people, in the streets, and with international pressure.

Therefore, the International Free Lula Campaign launched a Petition for the annulment of Lula's Trials.

We need to internationalize and amplify that petition, with URGENCY.

1. To sign the online petition:

2. Submission of physical signatures

We also request that everyone who can organize a collection of physical signatures and send it to:

Supremo Tribunal Federal – STF

Praça dos Três Poderes, Brasilia - DF


 Or by email:

 Please, notify the sending to:

 (The petition for physical signatures in English is still attached).

 3. Sending Emails:

You can also use the same text of the petition, sending to:

We count on you!

In solidarity and Struggle

MST International Relations Collective