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At this time, the social movements in the field in the state of Pará are facing another round of massive evictions because of an alliance between the state governor, the Judiciary of Pará and the large estate owners who are trying to destabilize the encampments and the settlements and thus prevent land reform from being...

From, Issue 9 magazine, June 2005

The Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (Brazil’s Landless Workers’ Movement) is a mass movement of landless workers. Generally speaking, the MST undertakes land occupations to create settlements of landless and poor people. The MST feels that idle land holdings should be used to...

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Since our first national gathering in November, the Friends of the MST in the United States—students, farmers, nongovernmental organizations and funders—mobilized political and financial support for Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement (MST) and their National March for Agrarian Reform held between May 1-17th, 2005....

Folha Online, 23/04/2005 - 09h39

"Amigos do MST" marcham em Washington

FABIANO MAISONNAVE, da Folha de S.Paulo, em Washington

Empunhando as conhecidas bandeiras vermelhas, cerca de 60...

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Brazil's landless squeeze government
By Sue Branford
BBC News, Brasilia

Brazil's landless movement, known in Brazil as the MST (Movimento dos Sem Terra...

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Landless Peasants March in Brazil, Build a new Road by Walking
by Deborah James*

On May 17th, Brazilian news media reported that 50 people were injured as landless peasants clashed with police. Like our corporate media in the U.S., this focus overshadowed the real...

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SOURCE: MST National Secretariat
DATE: May 20, 2005s MST Update includes:

MST's National March for Agrarian Reform

Dear friends of the MST,

On May 17, after walking more than 230...

May 17, 2005

The MST arrived in Brasilia to meet with Lula and government officials about their demands for land reform. Though conflict with police that injured landless marchers and police officers overshadowed media coverage, the march managed to assert the urgency of land reform while animating MST members throughout. The March has...

Two tons of foodstuffs per day, divided into 24,000 meals. In order to feed the 11,000 men, women, and children participating in the National March for Agrarian Reform (Marcha Nacional pela Reforma Agraria) 23 kitchens were set up, one in each state, and based in Anapolis (GO), a city located half-way along the journey.

The three daily...

*The MST distributes biweekly updates that FMST-US volunteers translate and make available. Please read the latest below.*

This MST Update #87 from April 1, 2005 includes:

1. FEATURE ARTICLE: Why do we need agrarian reform?

2. Three Landless Workers Remain Imprisoned without Justification in Paraná