Friends of the MST joins with other groups to demand that TEMER MUST GO!

Monday, June 5, 2017
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Friends of the MST

The Friends of the MST (Washington D.C. chapter) joined with Code Pink for Peace, Brazilian Expats for Democracy and Social Justice, LACAN (Latin America and Caribbean Action Network) and the ANSWER Coalition to demand an end to violence in the countryside and for the ouster of the illegitimate coup president Michel Temer. In a demonstration on June 1, 2017 in front of the Brazilian Embassy, the organizations rallied in solidarity with the social movements in Brazil that have been flooding the Brazilian streets to protest the corrupt and illegal Temer government. They also denounced the government's violent crackdown on the protests and on the social movements, particularly the Landless Workers Movement (MST). They will echo the call of Brazilian unions and the country's grassroots social movements that are saying "TEMER MUST GO."

According to Brazilian Expats for Democracy and Social Justice: "Since a parliamentary coup ousted president Dilma Rousseff, Brazil has been going through a deterioration of democratic institutions where social movements have been increasingly criminalized and workers are losing constitutional rights" 

The group delivered a letter to the Brazilian Embassy (attached) denouncing the violent crackdown. The protest also included speakers, visuals, and music by Luci Murphy and Patricio Zamorano.


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