Coup attempt: Bolsonaro supporters invade buildings of the three powers in Brasilia

Wednesday, January 11, 2023
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From the newsroom | Brasil de Fato | Edited by: Flávia Chacon and Vivian Virissimo | Translated by: Zoe PC, with Peoples Dispatch | Source:

Dozens of buses arrived on Saturday January 7 to the Federal District to carry out the coup attempt

Supporters of the former president Jair Bolsonaro invaded the Supreme Federal Court, National Congress, and the Planalto Palace, the office of the president, this Sunday January 8, breaking through the blockade of the Military Police and the National Security Force of the Esplanade of Ministers in Brasília. 

On Saturday January 7, the Minister of Justice and Public Security Flávio Dino had authorized the use of National Force as security in the capital in light of the threat of violent actions.

“In addition to all of the federal forces available in Brasília, and of the constitutional action of the Governor of the Federal District, we will also have the help of the National Force in the next few days. I just signed an act authorizing its action in the face of threats carried out against democracy,” the minister had written on Twitter.

Dozens of buses had arrived on Saturday January 7 to the Federal District to carry out the coup actions. Estadão estimated that 100 buses and approximately 3,900 people had traveled to the capital.

Flávio Dino had also previously affirmed that those who financed the illegal protests would be punished. “The taking of power can only take place in 2026, in new elections,” the minister highlighted.

In an interview with CNN on following the attacks, Luciano Bivar, vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies, said that he spoke with the president of the body, Arthur Lira, and with Anderson Torres, former minister of justice, and current Secretary of Public Security of the Federal District. Torres confirmed that the Military Police would send back-up and that new contingents were sent to the area.

“Unfortunate developments right now in the Ministers Esplanade. I called on the operations sector of the Public Safety of the DF to take immediate measures to reestablish order in the center of Brasília,” wrote Anderson Torres on Twitter.

Lula is not in Brasília

While Bolsonaro supporters were vandalizing Brasilia, on Sunday January 8, president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was in Araraquara, in the state of São Paulo, to evaluate the damage caused by the rain in the city.

Accompanied by the first-lady Janja da Silva and ministers, Lula met with the mayor Edinho Silva of the Workers’ Party, who showed him the damage to infrastructure and the most affected areas. 

The Planalto Palace, where the cabinet of the President also works from, was one of the key targets of the Bolsonaristas that also invaded the National Congress and Supreme Federal Court. According to CNN, there were members of the government in the building, that awaited rescue inside.

Bolsonaro is silent

Hours after the invasion of National Congress by Bolsonaro supporters, the former president Jair Bolsonaro, who fled to Florida on December 30, 2022, has yet to make a comment about the situation.

On social media, the Chief of Staff of the Bolsonaro government did not condemn the actions but called for “balance and sense” of the invaders and declared “democracy is strengthened in the contradiction and respect of differences.”

"I ask everyone for balance and wisdom. Democracy is strengthened in the contradictory and in the respect for differences," wrote Nogueira.

Former vice president and current senator Hamilton Mourão is also yet to make a statement.