[09/30/06] Update on Syngenta Seeds Occupation. Lies, Lies, and More Lies. **ACT NOW**

Dear Friends of the MST and Via Campesina,

In response to the international campaign Terra de Direitos launched to
support the Via Campesina’s occupation of Syngenta Seeds, yesterday the
multinational corporation published a statement in three of Brazil’s
largest daily newspapers, including the Estado de São Paulo. This
maneuver came hours before the support campaign was launched in Latin
America, and days before Sunday’s national elections. The press
release is testimony to the force of the letters you sent to Syngenta
on behalf of the Via Campesina, and indicates the level of discomfort
this campaign is causing Syngenta.

Syngenta's press release is translated as follows:

“Syngenta Seeds, one of the leading companies in the area of seeds,
profoundly laments the protest of various international organizations
that are supporting the Via Campesina for the expropriation of its
Research Unit in Santa Tereza do Oeste (PR). The company understands
that the invasion violates the right to work and to private property
ensured in the Constitution. Syngenta remains obstructed to continue
its work, which has contributed to science in agronomy and to the
productivity of Brazilian agriculture over the past 20 years. It is
important to emphasize that the company fully respects the country’s
legislation, in which it refers to the development and research of
genetically modified soy and corn, including the areas to which these
crops may be planted. Syngenta Seeds has legal backing in all of its
activities, and holds the Certificate of Quality for Biosecurity issued
by the CTNbio (CQB 001/96). This document authorizes the company to
realize research with GMOs in the Research Unit in Santa Tereza do
Oeste (PR), which has had its operations paralyzed since the 14th of
March, the date of the invasion, resulting in the loss of development
and advance of the research that was taking place there. Syngenta
reaffirms its indignation and intent to continue to struggle to assure
that its rights are respected and fully attended to, conforming to
legal precepts and constitutional force.