[08/22/06] URGENT APPEAL: MST files habeas corpus, asks for international support

[08/22/06] URGENT ACTION: MST files habeas corpus, asks for international support

NOTE: Brazil's Superior Justice Tribunal decided in favor of habeas corpus for Jaime Amorim, releaseing him from prison on Monday, August 28th. Thanks to everyone who demonstrated their solidarity in this important fight!

Brief Summary –
Jaime Amorim, member of the MST’s National Coordinating Body, is being detained by the authorities in Pernambuco (PE). On Monday, August 21st, Jaime was driving to the funeral of two murdered Landless Workers, both shot and killed by hired gunmen this past Sunday, when he was stopped and arrested by the police. He is accused of disobedience, inciting a crime, assaulting an officer, and involvement in a November 2005 demonstration at the U.S. Embassy in Recife, with court authorities stating that Jaime must be detained, as he represents a, “risk to the peace and security of the good citizens [of Brazil]