[01/09/06] MST agrees, “Haiti does not need a military intervention"

While the United Nations (UN) insists that the soldiers of peace – known as MINUSTAH – are securing their objective of social and economic stability in Haiti, a number of social movements disagree with this view.

According to the Mission of Investigation and Solidarity with the Haitian People, Haiti’s problem is not a military problem. As such, there is no reason for the ongoing occupation of Haiti by foreign military forces. The Mission of Investigation and Solidarity with the Haitian people is led by Noble Peace Prize winner, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, and includes a number of representatives from social movements.

In Brazil, the MST is of the same opinion. The Landless Workers’ Movement demands the immediate withdrawal of Brazilian troops, who currently lead the MINUSTAH forces. For the MST, the presence of foreign troops on Haitian soil jeopardizes her sovereignty. According to figures compiled by the group, close to 246 Haitian men and women have been killed by MINUSTAH and National Police forces during the October 2004 – August 2005 period.

Haiti, the poorest country in Latin America, has been under UN occupation since the removal of Haiti’s president, Jean Bertrand Aristide, in February of 2004. MINUSTAH forces had been led by Brazilian General Urano Bacellar, until last Saturday (01/07/2006), when he was found shot to death in Porto Príncipe. A new General is to be identified by Brazil in the coming days to replace General Bacellar.

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