This video was produced by the MST and focuses on an occupation in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (in the south of Brazil)  This is Part I of a three part story of the MST.


This video shows how the MST works for a sustainable future in all spheres.  Here the MST learns how to build a wind turbine to produce renewable energy.  This video was made by Katherine Haywood, who can be reached at:


The Escola Nacional Florestan Fernandes (ENFF) was born out of a desire to think, plan, organize and develop political and ideological training for MST's activists and leaders, as well as for the working class.  A school that is many schools, ENFF is a physical space beyond geographical limits, facilitating the development and implementation of educational programs throughout Brazil.

The Escola Nacional Florestan Fernandes opened in 2005 and functioned since 1999...