MST encampment under attack by gunmen in Pará

Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Info Source: 
Pagina do MST

The attacks began on Monday and three pickup trucks help in the criminal action.

By Carlinhos Luz
Da Página do MST

This week, the encampment Hugo Chaves suffered another violent attack of gunmen and from the plantation owner Osvaldo Saldanha. The attacks began last Monday and three trucks help in the criminal action.

The gunslingers set up a barricade in Vila Sororó, populated near the encampment.

Occupied since June 8, 2014, the encampment Hugo Chávez has 362 families, which produce healthy food for commercialization and their own consumption.

Ayala Ferreira, from the National Directorate of the Movement, explains that the area served for speculation, environmental crime practices and that the plantation owner has a history of violation of human rights and flagrant work violations in conditions analogous to slavery.

"We blamed the State Government and the Federal Government, which, even if they had been repeatedly attacked by the peasant farmers and the movement, did not position themselves to disarm the landowners and gunmen of the region and, above all, for not doing the Agrarian Reform," Ayala said.

The encampment is located on BR-155, towards Marabá / Eldorado do Carajás (PA).